Brocade Launches Software-Defined Networking Community

Brocade SDN Community

As the software-defined networking market transitions from intellectual curiosity around ‘what’ is SDN to ‘how’ can SDN technologies can transform ‘how’ organizations operate their business we’ll start to see an increasing number of vendor sponsored SDN education resources.

One of the first such software-defined networking communities to be launched by a major networking vendor is Brocade’s SDN Community.

Unlike SDNCentral,  the voice of independent fact and opinion about the transition to software-defined networking, vendor sponsored communities, like Brocade’s, obviously have a vendor specific bent – though play an important role in the SDN ecosystem to educate prospective and existing customers on ‘how’ to be successful with a specific vendor’s SDN product(s).

We encourage the SDNCentral community to augment their learnings from SDNCentral and visit Brocade’s and other vendor;s SDN communities.  And as the number of these communities grow — we plan to provide a page to help you find communities hosted by your favorite SDN vendor(s).

(BTW — if you are a vendor with an SDN community — please contact us and we’ll make sure we add your community to SDNCentral.)

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