Download: SDN Market Size Forecast: April, 2013

Attention! SDxCentral recently released the 2015 SDN & NFV Market Size Report. Download the report and get a comprehensive analysis of SDN, NFV and network virtualization market trends and growth since our 2013 market size report.

SDNCentral member exclusive: download the April, 2013 SDN market size forecast from Plexxi, Lightspeed Venture Partners and SDNCentral that forecasts the business impact of SDN, utilizing publicly available information and analysis from our sister organization Wiretap Ventures. Also, checkout the Infographic.

Major takeaways:
  • The SDN market is growing much larger and much faster than anyone had anticipated. The numbers most cited by folks show the SDN market size at something like $3.5B in 2015. We concluded that the market will grow to nearly 3x that size by 2015 and to a full 10x that size by 2018.
  • SDNCentral has some 225 companies registered as SDN companies. Even with a certain amount of SDN-washing, it still means that we have seen an industry with near 0 SDN companies in 2009 climb to over 200 in just 3 years.
  • The amount of VC money being poured into this space is massive. Would you believe that the total VC investment has increased 50x over 3 years?

SDN Market Size, April 2013

Executive Summary

The impact of software-defined networking (SDN) will exceed $25B per annum by 2018, and could grow as high as $35B annually. Even conservative models show SDN-related spend exceeding 30% of total networking in that timeframe, with more aggressive models topping out at 40%.

The effects on purchasing will be felt across virtually every customer segment within the networking space. Service Providers, Web 2.0 companies, and the Global 500 will lead the charge, with more than 16% of their annual networking spend being influenced by the nascent technology by 2018. Even the least impacted market segments (small and medium businesses) will contribute as much as $2.5B in annual SDN-related purchases within five years.

SDNCentral Market Sizing Report