9/13: DemoFriday™ Plexxi and Opscode Demo DevOps Integration with Chef for Service Delivery and Automation

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9/13: DemoFriday™ Plexxi and Opscode Demo DevOps Integration with Chef for Service Delivery and Automation

SDN promises to bring OpEx-slaying automation to a networking world that far too often relies on crude automation if any at all. To unlock the automation, companies will need to combine the software-centric framework of SDN with the programming discipline taking shape as the DevOps movement. Tools like Opscode’s Chef will play an increasingly important role in the nimble management of networks. On September 13, we will demonstrate the intersection of DevOps and SDN as we showcase how to enable DevOps engineers by allowing them to influence network behavior using tools and data familiar to them.

Plexxi brings SDN principles to a shipping datacenter product. The demonstration will showcase Plexxi’s optically-connected switches built around a controller-based architecture. At the core of Plexxi’s networking view is the notion that the job doesn’t end at connectivity and that traditional leaf-spine architectures miss the point. The IT infrastructure world revolves around applications and end-user experience. Without understanding who is talking to who (this app on this VM to that disk on that server), the network fundamentally misses out on the biggest value it can add: improving these conversations.

Opscode is the leader in cloud infrastructure automation. They help companies of all sizes automate server infrastructures that scale easily and predictably. Opscode’s flagship product Chef provides an automated, repeatable means of provisioning IT infrastructure by translating common tasks into platform-agnostic code. That code can then be executed as part of other workflows (server setup, for example) to ensure that all surrounding devices are automatically provisioned from a single point.

The combination of an SDN solution optimized for application conversations and a programmatic means of provisioning infrastructure makes possible a highly automated datacenter that is less costly to manage and ultimately less susceptible to human error. We will demonstrate how to assign roles to infrastructure and use those roles to drive network behavior. This is an exercise in abstract policy notation, eliminating the need manually craft and update network policies continuously. The theories of how SDN and DevOps will reduce OpEx are great, but we think it is time to demonstrate concrete solutions that truly automate the network.

Join Plexxi’s Derick Winkworth (Senior Product Manager) and Christopher Brown, CTO at Opscode as he shows:

  • Using Chef recipes based on roles
  • Automatic gathering of Chef managed hosts based on roles
  • Using roles to define affinity groups and attributes
  • Tracing of node addition and propagation into Plexxi Control
  • Installation steps when integrating Plexxi with Chef
  • Automated workflow across compute and networking
  • How to extend this integration yourself

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