10/25 DemoFriday™: Nuage Networks Brings True Network Virtualization to the Datacenter

This event has ended.

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Did you miss the brilliant demo by Nuage Networks–sharing the power, ease of use and implementation of the Virtualized Services Platform? Check out this brief video to see what it’s all about!

Today’s datacenter network is hindering the speed and agility of cloud services. Datacenter compute management systems assign virtual machines within seconds yet it takes hours or even days for the network connectivity to be reconfigured to deliver secure paths between the new applications and the end users.

Network Virtualization improves the reaction capabilities of the datacenter network but to truly deliver the promise of cloud services the network must seamlessly co-operate not only inside the datacenter but also to the wide area networks where the applications end users reside.

Join the Nuage Networks product development team as they showcase the power of SDN to deliver true network virtualization within the datacenter and seamlessly out to the wide area network.

This demonstration will cover:

•          Overview of the key components of the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) including the policy and network templates, SDN controller and the distributed virtual routing and switching elements of the solution.

•          Administration functions for the datacenter tenant to create their specific application templates and business rules (policies) to create the network services that will be implemented when the application is deployed.

•          The creation of the network service on to the network via the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Controller (VSC) that provides the control plane intelligence to the distributed network end points via OpenFlow, and MP-BGP federation to the wide area IP and VPN networks outside the data center.

•          Automated provisioning and re-provisioning of the network paths of migrating VMs.

•          Centralized network service policy changes

At the end of the demonstration you will have an understanding of the key functionalities of the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform and how it truly delivers on the promise of SDN by removing the constraints of the datacenter network and seamlessly extending the cloud service to the wide area.

Watch Scott Sneddon, Principle Solutions Architect at Nuage Networks, Dimitri Stiliadis, Co-founder & Chief Architect and Florin Balus, Co-Founder & Product Management share True Network Virtualization with Nuage Network’s Virtualized Services Platform.

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