David Hawley

David Hawley

Highly experienced product executive with more than 20 years of success in bringing leading edge solutions to market, with deep experience in network-driven technologies. Most recently headed the switching product management team at Juniper, responsible for the $100M+ Juniper EX switching line and prior to that, led the product management team at Extreme Networks with a $300M+ product portfolio. Experienced in managing engineering or marketing teams as well as working with sales, operations, and finance organizations.

OpenFlow Switch
August 14, 2012 David Hawley

OpenFlow – What Every Switch Product Manager Should Know

As I look over the research being presented at the Sigcomm HotSDN workshop this week, I am amazed at the activity the software-defined networking (SDN), network virtualization, and specifically, OpenFlow standard has catalyzed.  Creative energy is being applied with gathering speed to characterize and solve real problems of network configuration and management, control and monitoring, architecture Read more >

Open Networking Summit SDN Openflow
April 17, 2012 David Hawley

Open Networking Summit – Apr 17 Top 5 Highlights

SDNCentral volunteers continue to be hard at work, busily taking notes onsite at the Open Networking Summit. Here are today’s highlights: Highlight #1: The Google OpenFlow network is in Production Urs Hoelzle from Google disclosed the deployment of OpenFlow in Google’s internal datacenter WAN network. Built on an in-house 128x10G chassis using merchant silicon, Google has Read more >