SDNCentral Year in Review: SDN Security

SDN Security

A few of you may remember that we launched SDNCentral at RSA 2012 when we sponsored SDN Security Seminars with Matt Davy and Chris Small from INCNTRE and Phil Porras from SRI International at the St Regis, SanFrancisco.

For  refresher, check out our posts on SDN Security over the last year:

What to expect for SDN Security at this RSA 2013?

  1. SDN Washing:  look to hear your favorite network security vendors jump on the SDN bandwagon and announce that a number of their products support SDN.
  2. Securing the Controllers:  We touched on this last year as an issue — it is still an issue — expect to hear more from leading security researchers about this problem and how it may be solved.
  3. Lack of whole solutions:  We meet with at least one early stage company claiming to solve the SDN security problem each week.  The issue isn’t if a vendor’s products work or not — it’s that the vendor’s are missing the point that to pass the muster of the security people at customers they need to show up with a whole security solution  — instead of a collection of point products that only fixes a small sliver of the security problem.  Remember the security ‘guy’ gets fired (not the vendor) if he doesn’t cover all of his bases.  We continue to see security as the #1 inhibitor to customer adoption of SDN technologies.

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