Viavi Network Intelligence Platform Provides Real-Time Analytics, Optimization

Network testing and assurance company Viavi, formerly JDSU, launched a network intelligence platform, Nitro, that combines new and current software into a platform to deliver real-time testing and data measurement from network instruments to other network applications. The company today released the first of four solutions based on the platform, Nitro vNet Fusion.

vNet Fusion runs virtual tests and performs service activation and performance monitoring. It is a virtual Ethernet lifecycle management solution that monitors and ensures network performance and verifies SLAs in both legacy and virtual networks.

The next three solutions to be released are Nitro Enterprise, for enterprise and cloud networks; Nitro Mobile, for mobile intelligence, assurance and optimization; and Nitro TechFlow, an automated technician workflow.

The platform optimizes network performance throughout each network layer. Nitro (Network Integrated Test Real-time analytics and Optimization technology platform) leverages Viavi’s current offering of instruments and software and works across a variety of networks, including mobile, fiber, cable, cloud, and enterprise.

According to Viavi CTO Sameh Yamany, the company has been developing and acquiring new technologies in the past few years. “Nitro platform is a combination of these efforts; of bringing together a single platform that provides data intelligence and virtualization services that will fuel a lot of these automation/virtualization and optimization pushes from the industry in the next three or four years,” said Yamany.

Leveraging automation technology, the platform automatically delivers real-time test and measurement data across services directly for software-based planning, provisioning, assurance, and optimization applications.

Automation is the key, Yamany claims, and it is what gets all of the layers communicating with each other, which allows operators to more efficiently optimize, monitor, and test the network. “Automation is a must, that’s how we are inventing this whole concept and the reason we are launching now,” he said. “It is going to take time before it [automation] takes roots in our organizations.”

Yamany noted that the platform is in response to emerging technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing complexity and dynamic nature of communications networks. He claims the platform is “bridging the gap between the virtualized and not-virtualized networks,” while still performing seamless testing across each layer.