Telus Deploys vEPC to Offer Internet of Things Services

Canadian operator Telus has chosen Affirmed Networks’ virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) technology to support delivery of Telus’s Internet of Things (IoT) services over its mobile network, serving 8.4 million subscribers.

While Angela Whiteford, VP of marketing for Affirmed, wouldn’t say what IoT services Telus may offer, she talked yesterday about general possibilities. She said a mobile operator such as Telus could contract with a utility company to provide wireless meter reading over its cellular network. Another example would be providing connected-car applications for an automobile manufacturer.

These types of IoT applications open up a whole new world of revenue opportunities for mobile operators. The challenge lies in economically scaling their networks to address the traffic created by IoT interactions. A meter-reading application, for example, would require a very small amount of bandwidth but a lot of sessions.

One advantage to using network functions virtualization (NFV), in the form of Affirmed’s vEPC, is that it could scale the network based on need.

“It allows you to match your scaling with your application,” says Whiteford.

Telus completed the acceptance testing of the vEPC within three months and is in the process of creating commercial service offerings, according to Whiteford.