SDNCentral SDN and NFV Weekly Roundup – August 30, 2013

SDNCentral SDN and NFV Weekly Roundup: August 30, 2013

Things other than VMworld happened this week, believe it or not. There was even another IT-related show: ITExpo in Las Vegas, where Steve Wozniak was among the speakers.

Leaving that aside, here’s a quick look at other software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) news of the week.

1. SDN Saves You $4B (If You Run a Mobile Network)

Mobile backhaul networks can save $4 billion in costs by 2017 by using SDN, according to a study released by Tellabs. That would cover less than half of the $9.2 billion “backhaul gap” that research firm Strategy Analytics has identified — that’s a measurement of how far behind the mobile-backhaul buildout is — but it would certainly be a big help.

“Mobile backhaul” refers to the gathering of cellular traffic after it’s reached the cell tower; the stuff has to be forwarded to a fiber network at some point, and that part of the network needs more buildouts. Strategy Analytics picked five SDN applications that could help: cloud-RAN “fronthaul,” logical clustering for small cells, load redistribution in the metro network, local Internet exchange points, and offload to WiFi networks.

2. ONF Certification Reaches into China

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) announced Thursday that it’s selected Beijing Internet Institute (BII) as the first certified OpenFlow conformance testing lab in Asia. The certification program was announced in July with InCNTRE as the first approved lab.

The next day, the ONF announced a partnership with the China SDN and Open Networking Commission (CSONC) to commercialize SDN and OpenFlow. The CSONC sounds a lot like the Chinese analogue to the ONF, with members including “scientific and technological institutions, operators, device suppliers, and large Internet companies,” according to the press blurb.

3. An NFV Tidbit from VMworld

Here’s one we missed at VMworld, on the network functions virtualization (NFV) front. Spirent teamed up with Net Optics for a VMworld demo pairing Spirent Avalanche Virtual with Net Optics’ Phantom Virtualization Tap. According to the press release, the tools watched the traffic between virtual machines during an attack on the network, then reported the attack’s impact it’s on customer experience.

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