Digitalk Deploys Affirmed’s Software to Create Mobile Promotions

Digitalk, a U.K.-based provider of cloud networking infrastructure, is using Affirmed Networks’ technology to offer different kinds of promotional deals to mobile customers.

Digitalk provides telcos with a cloud infrastructure platform to extend their networks. It has three points of presence (POPs) in London, Miami, and Singapore that form the basis for its mobile cloud.

Via this mobile cloud, it acts as a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) for network operators. Its customers include Vodafone and BT. Digitalk helps these operators stretch their business into other arenas.

In addition to its cloud infrastructure, Digitalk also brings operation support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) capabilities.

“Players such as ourselves provide agility and efficiency to get their proposition to market,” said Mark Ashdown, chief strategy officer at Digitalk. “Usually, there’s some sort of value proposition. We provide the operator with a lean, agile platform where they can be proactive regarding smart bundle options.”

Digitalk is using Affirmed’s Mobile Content Cloud software to create new product offerings and promotions. For example, if customers buy a certain amount of mobile data, the operator can offer a bonus reward. Affirmed’s deep packet inspection (DPI) and shallow packet inspection (SPI) software provides the necessary information to create the promotions.

“Having DPI and SPI, you can know what applications a subscriber is using,” said Ashdown. “If you know that, you can offer, within your proposition, a differentiated data package.”

The same technology can be used in the future for new offerings around voice over LTE (VoLTE), voice over WiFi (VoWifi), and 5G.