Compass Datacenters Doubles Down on Edge Plans

Compass Datacenters added edge and analytics to its data center portfolio by acquiring privately held EdgePoint Systems and BitBox USA. The deals will allow Compass to offer data center services and management from the core out to the edge.

EdgePoint’s operations are focused on installation, monitoring, and maintenance of edge data centers. BitBox’s bit of the equation includes expertise as a facility management platform and solutions integrator focused on edge deployments.

Financial terms of the deals were not released, though the purchases were from the same owner.

Compass is not wasting time on integration. EdgePoint will now be known as Compass EdgePoint, with its founder Sharif Fotouh continuing to run the operation. BitBox will keep its name, as well as continue to be run by its founder Jon Trout.

Compass is combining both entities into an IT-ready data center platform targeted at campus or edge locations under the Compass EdgePoint name. The platform includes all aspects of planning and deployment with BitBox contributing monitoring and maintenance.

“These are strategic investments for Compass that enable us to offer a broader range of mission critical solutions to customers to match their specific needs from the core of their IT infrastructure all the way out to the extreme edge, no matter how a customer defines the edge and where it resides,” said Compass CEO Chris Crosby in a statement.

Telecom operators are looking to push data center operations closer to the end user in an attempt to decrease latency and increase edge performance. This is seen as critical for new services such as virtual reality (VR) and autonomous vehicles.

However, that move requires operators to either acquire new locations to house equipment; convert current locations to handle these new demands, similar to what’s happening under the Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD) project; or partner with data center operators. The Compass deals bolster its position in that final option.


Data center operations are in the process of integrating software control using software-defined networking (SDN). Cisco this week released a report that predicts more than two-thirds (67 percent) of all data centers will fully or partially adopt SDN by 2021, compared to just 16 percent in 2016.

Shruti Jain, a senior analyst at Cisco, told SDxCentral that the use of SDN and its network functions virtualization (NFV) cousin help data center owners “control costs by making data center traffic more efficient.”