Featured Video: Accelerate Application Deployment with Fully Integrated Cisco ACI and NetScaler ADC

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Businesses today expect IT to respond quickly to changing business needs, making agility in the data center more critical than ever. But applications critical to running the business can only be as agile as their infrastructure.

In this video, Ravi Balakrishnan of Cisco data center solutions talks with Steve Shah, Citrix senior director of product management, about how the two companies are working together to simplify application deployment and improve agility in existing and next-generation data centers by using Cisco ACI and NetScaler ADC.

Cisco and Citrix have long partnered to provide automated tools for mobile workspaces, cloud networking, and cloud services. As new issues and technologies emerge for today’s data centers, the partnership now also addresses security, mobility, and most recently, joint solutions with Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Citrix’s NetScaler ADC (application delivery controller).

Cisco ACI provides a centralized fabric control and automation framework that allows resources to be dynamically provisioned and configured based on application needs. Citrix NetScaler provides core network services such as load balancing, SSL, SSL VPN, and firewalls that together with ACI can be used by applications in an automated, programmatic way.

Shah talks about how Citrix has been working closely with the ACI team for more than a year to integrate its flagship NetScaler product with the ACI platform.

A NetScaler “device package” integrates the APIC controller and the NetScaler ADC. Imported by the APIC controller, the device package enables REST-based API integration and allows the APIC controller to perform per-app, per-tenant Layer 4-7 policy configuration and dynamic service chaining and insertion. The integrated solution also allows exchange of intelligent telemetry information between NetScaler and APIC for application and tenant visibility.

“With virtualization, you’re able to now go and have applications drive the network and tell devices like NetScaler where they need to go, what they need to do, and how they need to service,” Shah says in the video. “If an application picks up and moves from one part of the data center to another, all that NetScaler infrastructure moves with it.”