VIDEO: The Future Of The Network — Uncovering Software-Defined Networking

TIA SDNCentral OpenFlow SDN NFV Video

“There is a pervasive view of one thing: that SDN is one of the most disruptive technologies that we’ve seen [come] to networking in decades.” — Rose Schooler, vice president, Intel Architecture Group

There’s a slew of information out there about software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and network virtualization. But many people feel like they’re only on the fringe of solidly understanding what is behind today’s next-gen technologies and how these networking solutions can make an organization more efficient and more profitable.

Influencers and decision makers are coming to the understanding that SDN and virtualization are the wave of the future — or, at the very least, a movement which should not be ignored. With this knowledge, there is an uncertainty around product selection and cost-effective implementation. In order to make skillful decisions toward updating hardware/software/networking and data-center needs, decision makers must understand the fundamentals of SDN, NFV, and virtualization and why adoption is moving at its current rate of speed.

The video below — Part 3 of the Telecom Industry Association’s “Future of the Network” documentary — shares with us the concept, value and vision of SDN and NFV technologies. Take a few minutes and listen to these experts as they explain what SDN is and why now is the time to analyze SDN solutions for implementation:

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