SDNCentral SDNUniversity™ 201: Tips and Secrets to Evaluating and Comparing OpenFlow Switches

SDNCentral SDNUniversity Premium Course Series: OpenFlow Switching

SDNCentral SDNUniversity™ Premium Course: Tips and Secrets to Evaluating and Comparing OpenFlow Switches (Course 201)

Editor’s Note: SDNCentral’s SDNUniversity™ is our educational series designed to educate infrastructure professionals on SDN and NFV. Course 201 is our first set of paid premium content that we are offering in partnership with Tallac Networks, a highly-respected education and training company in the SDN space.

Seasoned network engineers who have been through enough equipment procurements know exactly how to figure out whether a switch or router is going to work well in the networks they’ve designed. But when a new technology like OpenFlow comes around, even the most experienced engineers may not know all the questions they need to ask or how to validate the responses they get from vendors. We are excited to offer a new premium seminar as part of our SDNUniversity series that gives you the ins and outs of OpenFlow switches so you can find the best ones for your deployment and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

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The online training seminar from SDNUniversity, in conjunction with our partner, Tallac Networks, features Matt Davy, Principal Solutions Architect at Tallac Networks. Matt has been working full time on OpenFlow and SDN for nearly four years. Matt was founder and director of Indiana University’s InCNTRE, an SDN conformance and interoperability testing lab now supported by more than 12 different networking vendors. Matt also was chief network architect at Indiana University and led the team that deployed a production SDN on the university’s campus backbone. He is main presenter of an hour-long course that covers:

  • what features, capacities and performance are required from an OpenFlow switch;
  • how to specify these requirements to your vendors;
  • how vendors are differentiating their OpenFlow switches;
  • what new performance metrics you need to verify for OpenFlow switches;
  • what a hybrid-mode OpenFlow switch is and different types of implementations; and
  • what tools are available for testing OpenFlow switches.

OpenFlow presents a particular challenge for network engineers because it sits one layer deeper than the features they are used to specifying. And while OpenFlow 1.0 supports a rich set of matches against packet header fields and actions, vendor support varies. Without extensive experience in working with a wide variety of SDN equipment today, network engineers are bound to struggle in early OpenFlow deployments. Matt leverages his deep experience in SDN switches and running OpenFlow PlugFest, and he shares his critical insight into the important factors to consider in any SDN deployment.

Benefit from Matt’s experience by signing up for the SDNU seminar and hear Matt go into detail on tips, tricks and known issues from extensive OpenFlow deployments. The seminar is $199, and participants will have the ability to download the video for offline viewing. You also will receive a PDF of slides as well as audio files from the training and a transcript for easy searching and consumption of training material. To find out more, check out a snippet of the seminar above. If you find it useful, sign up for the full seminar. Questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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