SDN And OpenStack: Integrating OpenStack into Your Networks, A Fireside Chat With Arista Networks

Arista Fireside Chat: Integrating OpenStack

Editor’s Note: Fireside Chats with Arista Networks and SDNCentral are a series of videos with Arista’s Vice President of Marketing Doug Gourlay and SDNCentral’s Matt Palmer. We will be posting new content every couple of weeks, both as blog posts and videos–check the Arista Networks Channel regularly to see the latest updates.

SDN And OpenStack: Integrating OpenStack into Your Networks, A Fireside Chat With Arista Networks

The Arista Fireside Chats continue with a new installment covering the nuts and bolts of how OpenStack integrates with the network infrastructure. In this fourth video of the series, Arista Networks Vice President Doug Gourlay talks about the role of the network infrastructure in an OpenStack environment and how Arista handles integration with OpenStack

The OpenStack operating system allows network engineers to shorten network provisioning from days and weeks down to a handful of minutes so the network can be provisioned as quickly as servers, virtual machines, and storage resources. During the chat, Mr. Gourlay talks with SDNCentral’s Matt Palmer about Quantum, a key OpenStack software application that provides “network connectivity as a service” between interface devices like vNICs managed by other OpenStack services such as Nova, a cloud computing fabric controller.

Mr. Gourlay explains how Quantum conveys information about new network segments to the appropriate network infrastructure. He also considers the challenge of dealing with both virtual and physical switches, and he talks about how his company addressed it.

Join the fireside chat as Matt and Mr. Gourlay talk about how OpenStack integrates into the network. And keep your eye on this space for our next Arista Fireside Chat on VMWare integration.

How OpenStack Integration Works

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