SDN DemoFriday™ with Plexxi and Boundary

Demo Friday - Plexxi and Boundary

SDNCentral brings two of networking HOTTEST private companies – Plexxi and Boundary for our first SDN DemoFriday.

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SDNCentral’s inaugural SDN DemoFriday highlights two raising SDN companies working to solve real datacenter SDN problems.

Everywhere you look, someone in our industry is talking about SDN theories, plans, strategies, whatever. On March 15, we set aside the hypotheticals and take a look at SDN applied. Plexxi and Boundary have integrated their products to deliver a solution that bridges the network-application divide.

Plexxi brings SDN principles to a shipping datacenter product. The demonstration will showcase Plexxi’s optically-connected switches built around a controller-based architecture. At the core of Plexxi’s networking view is the notion that the job doesn’t end at connectivity and that traditional architectures miss the point: the IT infrastructure world revolves around applications and end-user experience. Without understanding who is talking to who (this app on this VM to that disk on that server) and what they expect from the network, the network fundamentally misses out on the biggest value it can add: improving these conversations.

Boundary applies analytics against real-time network flow data to enable Application Performance Management without the need for appliances or tap/span ports.  Over 700 customers use Boundary’s big data analytics to monitor every application flow, every second. The demo shows how Boundary discovers real-time application topology and monitors application throughput, latency, packet retransmits and other metrics on a per second basis.

The combination of these two – a programmable network and real-time application analytics – is ultimately the path to useful SDN. We will demonstrate how data gathered through Boundary’s solution can be shared with the Plexxi controller to deliver real-time network tuning. You won’t see protocols and specs, but the promise of SDN must go well beyond low-level primitives if it is to be useful in production networks.

Join Plexxi’s Colin Ross (Senior Systems Engineer) and Boundary’s Dustin Lawler (Director of Technical Services) as they show:

  • Deploying a Plexxi network
  • Automatic switch discovery
  • Manual and automatic host discovery
  • Defining conversations using the Affinity construct
  • Using the controller to optimize paths
  • Boundary’s real-time application topology discovery and visualization
  • Using Boundary analytics to monitor application throughput, latency and other metrics on a per second basis
  • Harvesting Boundary analytics to drive network behavior

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