SDN DemoFriday™: Cloud-enabled Networking–NEC ProgrammableFlow SDN in Action

SDN DemoFriday™ with NEC's Don Clark and Samrat Ganguly

We are excited to announce the second installment in our Demo Friday series on SDNCentral.  This session features NEC’s ProgrammableFlow who will be showcasing SDN products that are in use at production customers today.   With ProgramableFlow, NEC built one of the first SDN Controllers that today leads the market in production deployments.  You should attend this Demo Friday if you are interested in network virtualization and multi-tenancy, especially in an OpenStack environment.

Here’s more details…..

OpenFlow Meets OpenStack for Streamlined IT Management

The advent of Cloud Computing and Virtualization have delivered significant IT innovation in the past decade.  But while servers, storage and software rapidly progressed, the network has not kept pace, and remains much the same as it was 15 years ago, only more massive, more complex, more fragile and even more critical to the success of the enterprise.

But the OpenFlow protocol and programmability have paved the way for a new era in Networking. NEC, a pioneer in OpenFlow-based SDN, offered the first enterprise-class OpenFlow solution – the NEC ProgrammableFlow Network Suite –  first available in May, 2011.  Open, simple, scalable and secure, the ProgrammableFlow OpenFlow network fabric powers global service providers and enterprise networks in production today.   It includes a controller offering network-wide virtualization, multi-tenancy, and a portfolio of switches including an award-winning OpenFlow hybrid switch, a 10GbE pure OpenFlow switch, and a new v-Switch for SDN in Microsoft Hyper-V environments, the PF1000.

Offering break-through network automation, configuration and control, and now featuring streamlined IT management with integration with OpenStack, we invite you to see Real SDN in action.  Join NEC Director, Don Clark, and Samrat Ganguly, Chief Architect, ProgrammableFlow, as they demonstrate:

  • Automated and dynamic discovery, identification and provisioning of network resources:  tasks now completed easily and rapidly with ProgrammableFlow SDN
  • Single pane, centralized network monitoring, control and management of both physical and virtual networks
  • Dynamic Service composition, provisioning and resiliency
  • Network Orchestration with ProgrammableFlow and Openstack Quantum
  • Smart Network Aware Appliances: DDoS attack mitigation

Enabling productivity with network aware applications: Building on NorthBound APIs.

Register for this event here.

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