From SD-WAN to the Network Edge: The Top Sponsored Posts of 2017

Many of our sponsors are also prolific writers and their expertise in certain areas is highly valued by our community of readers. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) was a hot topic in 2017 so it’s not surprising that two of our top sponsored posts were about this topic.  The network edge, sometimes referred to as multi-access edge computing (MEC), was another key theme throughout the year.

With that in mind, here is a list of our Top 5 sponsored posts of 2017:

Take a Deep Dive Into the SD-WAN Market

SD-WAN, or cloud-delivered WAN, is expected to dominate the market for enterprise communications services. SD-WAN abstracts the network into software instead of hardware, and is managed by a service provider rather than the enterprise.  This article, and associated report, discusses the economic and business drivers of this new SD-WAN services, software, and equipment market, as well as the leading players.

Comcast Business’ Kevin O’Toole on SD-WAN’s Transformational Promise

Comcast recently introduced a carrier-grade, SD-WAN offering for multisite businesses, and is deploying it in tandem with its Gigabit broadband rollout. Kevin O’Toole, SVP for products and cloud solutions at Comcast Business, talks about the potential of SD-WAN and the role of Gigabit broadband in supercharging its potential.

VPP: The Value Proposition of the Open Source Data Plane

Read the full VPP technology overview, as well as an enumeration of business use cases that highlight VPP/Honeycomb’s ability to simplify the deployment of high-speed, reliable networks. Learn about NSH-based service function chaining, segment routing, vRouting, and interconnection—just a small sampling of the use cases that illustrate how VPP addressed the needs of the ever-evolving modern network.

Next-Generation Assurance in NFV Networks

A new Huawei white paper discusses the need for a new generation of service assurance solutions making the case that CSPs deploying virtualized infrastructures will need to enhance their current reactive fault-management systems and introduce smart maintenance capabilities. The next era of network management will automate the detection and correction of issues through “smart” or artificial intelligence technologies.

Maximizing Agility at the Network Edge

A new Enea white paper showcasing in-depth analysis by ACG Research discusses how the proliferation of cloud-based business applications as well as the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a need for a next-level NFV architecture. Traditional NFV configurations involve running virtualized network functions as software modules on virtual machines (VM) in x86 servers, with dedicated management systems—a paradigm that requires too large of a footprint for some use cases.