Last Call: May 3rd DemoFriday™: Radware DefenseFlow Adaptive DDoS Protection Solution

DemoFriday Radware SDN

Last chance to join Radware and SDNCentral for a live demo of SDN in action with their DefenseFlow SDN DDOS security application.
On May 3rd, Ehud Doron and Lior Cohen of Radware present DefenseFlow technology which operates in any SDN enabled network infrastructure. Review the highlights or go straight to registration by clicking here.
In this demo Radware will cover:

  • DDoS Protection Service Insertion Process
  • How The Service Can Be Applied To Different Protected Resources
  • Sunny Day Traffic Baseline Analysis
  • How Suspicious Traffic Is Identified, Diverted To Relevant Attack Mitigation Resources And Blocked
  • Various Views Of The SDN Application User Interface

Inquisitive minds, please join. A real time question forum is provided and answers in return.
To Register For This Radware Event, Click Here.

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