OpenCT’s Blockchain Platform Aims to Transform Telcos

The telecommunications industry faces a number of technical challenges, including providing scalable and cost-effective overlay networks, efficiently managing infrastructure, and creating new profit centers through managed services. Telco customers face their own challenges, too, such as securing connectivity outside major cities and within economically challenged countries.

Blockchain helps solve these problems.

OpenCryptoTrust (OpenCT), offers a platform for creating blockchain-based solutions for the telco industry. The OpenCT platform—based on a hybrid blockchain—is both global and public, allowing a diverse range of adoption, users, and clients. OpenCT promises to remove significant cost-impacting inefficiencies in the traditional telco model.

features detailed technical examples of OpenCT’s two telco solutions: Blockchain as a Transport (BaaT) and Blockchain-Defined Wide Area Networks (BD-WAN).

discusses the market opportunity for blockchain—exemplified by SDN/NFV trends and the “cloudification” of provider networks—and then outlines Seshaat’s Token Crowdsale funding for the platform.

 for details about how BaaT and BD-WAN can solve significant problems, create new opportunities, and enhance existing technologies for SMEs and large enterprises in cities across the country and around the world. OpenCT is providing revolutionary solutions in the telco sector, and it aims to be the first provider in the blockchain ecosystem.