Nuage Networks Q&A: Automated Analytics and Remediation for Cloud-based Security Services

Thanks to all who joined us for the Nuage Networks 2017 SDx Infrastructure Security Report Webinar, Automated Analytics and Remediation for Cloud-based Security Services. During the webinar Nuage Networks discussed how their VSP delivers an SDN solution with built-in security capabilities that combines scale, performance and flexibility in a single, boundary-less platform without compromising security or adding complexity.  After the webinar, we took questions from the audience. Read the full Automated Analytics and Remediation for Cloud-based Security Services below. 

Does this functionality require an agent to run inside the workload?

No it does not. Unlike other solutions, this one runs in the overlay network on the host, outside the workload, and is not disruptive to the workload. For Baremetal servers, you can connect it to the overlay via a geteway or can install the Nuage VRS on the baremetal server, but that is optional.

Besides firewalls, what other 3rd party security functions can VSS work with?

The Nuage solution can service chain to any appliance, Firewall, IPS and IDS. It can redirect any flow to a security appliance, it also can mirror traffic to any appliance. Furthermore, all of the analytics data is available for any analytics platform to consume in order to monitor and report on any threat.

Is this solution a datacenter only solution?

No it is not- this is a solution that can cover the datacenter as well as the WAN. It provides seamless overlay and software-defined security in the datacenter, in the branch network and cloud.

Is this a separate product or is it part of your SDN solution? What is the licensing model?

It is an add-on product to the Nuage Network VSP services VCS (cloud) or VNS (SD-WAN). The VSP is licensed based on the number of hosts for the datacenter portion and NSG (CPE) count for the SD-WAN side. Add on features such as VSS are purchased as an add-on license, perpetual or subscription.