GHD Uses Riverbed SteelConnect to Link 100 Global Offices

Global professional services company GHD recently merged with Conestoga-Rovers and Associates (CRA), adding more than 3,000 employees in 100 offices, including 50 small sites. With this sudden growth, GHD needed a simple, cost-effective solution to add those new sites onto the company’s network. The answer was Riverbed SteelConnect, which has fueled stronger collaboration between its project teams around the globe, improved business agility, and introduced cost savings.

A new Riverbed case study outlines the challenges that GHD faced—as well as the specific benefits of using Riverbed Steelhead: zero-touch, rapid deployment of small offices onto GHD’s network; simplified global collaboration; reduced management, maintenance, and telephony costs; positively impacted culture by providing access to all GHD systems regardless of location; ability to connect direct into public cloud networks; and greater business agility.

The case study introduces GHD CIO Elizabeth Harper, who describes her company’s six-year relationship with Riverbed. Over time, GHD has had much success implementing key parts of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform across its global business, investing in such products as Riverbed SteelCentral for network visibility and Riverbed SteelFusion for branch management. Harper also describes the seamless addition of Riverbed Steelhead as an SD-WAN solution in the new GHD environment, resulting in a business that is more connected, with a more consistent network experience.

“What we found with Riverbed Steelhead was the very low, almost zero-touch deployment, the ease of ongoing support and maintenance, the cost effectiveness—and it delivered,” Harper said in a . As GHD expands SD-WAN to larger offices globally, Harper expects cost benefits of more than $1 million per year in management, maintenance, and telephony costs. Harper also anticipates saving around 75 percent of global telecommunications costs over the medium term.

Going forward, Riverbed SteelConnect SD-WAN will provide GHD with the ability to make secure, direct connections across the Internet from branch offices to public clouds. Read more of the .