Featured Whitepaper: Big Switch Networks: Liberating Network Architectures with The Open SDN

Big Switch Featured Whitepaper

We are always looking for interesting content to share with the community and recently came across a white paper from Big Switch Networks about their Open SDN Architecture.

For those who don’t know, Big Switch is a leading Enterprise SDN Company.  The company champions open standards and interoperability and has developed both an open core and commercial controller backed by the largest SDN ecosystem of OpenFlow applications and physical and hypervisor switches.

As a Big Switch authored white paper, it examines and explains SDN from BigSwitch’s point of view while describing some benefits specific to Big Switch.

The white paper is available here.

For more information about Big Swtich and Open SDN visit Big Switch Networks.

Check out more about Big Switch Networks on SDNCentral: (our favorite is an Interview with Jason Matlof and Dave Butler of Big Switch Networks)

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