Last Chance! HPE DemoFriday – Automate & Cut Deployment Time for New Services

As mobile network operators struggle to compete with agile web companies, being able to quickly launch, modify, and kill services is crucial to capturing and keeping business. An upcoming DemoFriday will feature Affirmed Networks’ Affirmed Service Automation Platform (ASAP), a network-wide service automation and orchestration platform that accelerates service creation and delivery.

Most current network architectures simply do not allow fast provisioning and rollout of new services. Mobile network operators often spend weeks or months defining and provisioning services, configuring elements, managing updates, and testing. Network functions virtualization (NFV) offers incredible benefits in efficiency and flexibility, but as it gains traction in service provider environments, NFV management is becoming a challenge of its own.

ASAP provides complete configuration management across multivendor virtual and physical network elements and network-wide service instances. By radically simplifying service creation, service provisioning, and the turn-up of new virtual network function (VNF) instances, the platform enables operators to roll out new services in a matter of days rather than months. DemoFriday presenters will look at how ASAP automates service provisioning in legacy and virtualized networks to reduce the time-to-market and operational costs of introducing a new service by as much as 90 percent.

Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Intel, the demo will show how ASAP goes beyond current service orchestration, automation, and flow-through provisioning tools. Instead of controlling just a subset of network devices, ASAP provides broad service automation across a wide range of standard network element interfaces including SOAP, REST, NETCONF/YANG, and CLI.

The platform empowers network operators to create new service definitions faster with no complex coding so even non-programmers can quickly create service templates or recipes from existing methods of procedure (MOPs) and execute those recipes across the entire network. In the process, OSS/BSS teams are freed to concentrate on creating policy and business logic rather than implementing them. The demonstration also will highlight how ASAP:

Register below for the May 27th DemoFriday with Affirmed Networks to learn how ASAP accelerates service deployment and enables operators to reap the benefits of virtualization sooner.

If you can’t make it to the event, go ahead and register anyway, and we will notify you when the on-demand assets are available on SDxCentral.