SDN Network Infrastructure: The VMWare Environment Link, a Fireside Chat with Arista Networks


SDN Network Infrastructure: The VMWare Environment Link, a Fireside Chat with Arista Networks

In the newest Arista Fireside Chat, SDNCentral’s Matt Palmer and Arista Networks Vice President of Marketing Doug Gourlay talk about how VMware infrastructure can be integrated with the existing network in an enterprise environment.

Gourlay talks in the chat about VM Tracer, Arista’s solution for bridging the gap between physical and virtual networks. Created to integrate switching and virtual-machine provisioning, VM Tracer makes it possible for switching infrastructure to connect with versions 4.0 and higher of vSphere, VMware’s virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures. VM Tracer connects with vSphere directly, without special web servers or anything else in between, Gourlay says. Only a handful of commands is required to mount the switch to vSphere using the platform’s native APIs.

As discussed in the chat, the connection enables a number of network-intensive activities in the virtual environment. It provides network administrators full visibility into the virtual infrastructure, the ability to control traffic, and the ability to know what’s going on and when so they can diagnose and troubleshoot challenges as quickly as they come up.

Listen in on the conversation during this fifth in the series of Arista Networks Fireside Chats, below, as Palmer and Gourlay talk about how these types of dynamic capabilities can be scripted in the virtual environment.

NOTE: (Special Event on July 12:  If you’re interested in learning about Arista Networks’ SDN capabilities — which include DirectFlow (Controller-less OpenFlow), OpenStack, vWire, VMware Cluster, VXLAN, and eAPI — be sure to attend the DemoFriday™ on July 12, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. PST. Register today — it’s going to be a fabulous demo showcasing the use of Arista’s SDN solutions in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks and Splunk Inc.)

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