SDN Networking: Economics of SDN, A Fireside Chat with Arista Networks

Arista SDN and NFV Fireside Chat

SDN Networking: Economics of SDN, a Fireside Chat with Arista Networks

SDNCentral is excited to share a new series of “fireside chats” that will offer a front-line view of SDN from those working in the thick of it.

With so many people in the community looking for resources to help them learn about SDN, we decided to start a Fireside Chat  series on SDNCentral.  We are talking customer feedback and teaming with people and companies who can answer the most common questions Roy and I face as we help companies scope their SDN deployments.  In some cases, we’ll talk about generic solutions and technologies and in other cases we’ll talk about specific technologies and products.

Our first five sessions have us teaming up with Arista Networks to address many of the questions we are receiving from the SDN community.  If you have suggestions on open source projects, products, or companies you’d like to learn more about – please email me at:  matt at sdncentral dot com

Featuring Arista Vice President of Marketing Doug Gourlay and myself, the chats will give you the chance to listen in on conversations around: How do you look at SDN from a business economic standpoint? How should I be thinking about SDN in the immediate future? How does OpenStack fit into all this?

The first featured fireside chat, “Economics of SDN,” takes a look at the architecture that helped create the SDN movement, and how that should drive business decisions surrounding SDN. As SDN technology catches up to some of the protocol capabilities, engineers need to be selective about applying the new technologies to issues and problems that will have an economic benefit for the business.

Watch the fireside chat here, as Mr. Gourlay looks specifically at flow switching versus M-tree switching and how the differing architectures affect which business problems they should be used to solve.

SDN Networking: Economics of SDN

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