SDN Market Evolution: SDNCentral’s SDN Training Video Series

SDN Training Part 2: SDN Market Evolution

Editor’s Note: The SDN Training Video Series is a series of sponsored video tutorials and blog posts by Roy Chua and Matt Palmer of SDNCentral designed to help your organization with the ins-and-outs of SDN adoption. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for up to the minute news on SDN and NFV at @sdn_news and @sdn_tech. Thank you to Arista Networks for sponsoring our training videos!

SDN Market Evolution — SDNCentral’s SDN Training Video Series

Our training video series continues this week with SDNCentral’s Matt Palmer talking about how to start crafting SDN strategy for your organization. The rapidly evolving SDN market is so completely different from the traditional networking market, Matt says, that mapping out your SDN journey needs to be done differently as well.

As obvious as it may seem, it’s important to remember SDN is about software, not hardware. Because SDN itself still is in its early stages, there are no turnkey solutions as there are with hardware. The market is so nascent that people interested in SDN for their networks need to be prepared to develop custom software solutions that can be integrated with other packages.

Matt emphasizes the importance of looking for specific business cases that SDN can help solve for your organization. Today, early adopters are using SDN in three main ways:

  • innovating and creating new network applications
  • creating more flexibility with applications they already have
  • solving issues of scale to effectively deliver network services

For people exploring SDN for their organizations, Matt outlines how you should begin planning your strategy in 2013, from what questions you should ask prospective partners to specific next steps.

To help you face these changes from an informed perspective, we launched a short series of training videos, sponsored by Arista Networks, to help you get up to speed on the basics of software-defined networking. This is the second in the series, featuring our own Matt Palmer. Check out the video to learn more, then see more SDN-related content on the Arista Networks Channel page on SDNCentral.

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SDN Market Evolution

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