From Microsegmentation to DevOps Nirvana: Here Are the Top Analysis Posts of 2017

Our analysis posts provide a deeper dive on what certain trends mean to the industry. In 2017 these articles covered a wide swath of topics from the best tools for deploying containers to how network virtualization will help companies track compliance issues.

Here are a list of our top analysis articles from 2017: 

Using Microsegmentation to Prevent Security Breaches

With the rise of network virtualization, a new approach to microsegmenting networks is now possible.

Bosh or Kubo? Tools for Deploying Containers Are Proliferating

The IT industry has a selection of tools for deploying containers. They can use a PaaS or a CaaS based on Kubernetes, Marathon, or Docker.

Network Virtualization Will Help Companies Track Compliance Issues

Network virtualization can help companies track applications and compliance policies, making them easier to enforce.

DevOps Nirvana Is Moving Closer to Reality

Networking technologies are now starting to be incorporated into DevOps making it easier for DevOps and IT to work together.

Approaches to Data Protection Start to Rapidly Evolve

Thanks to rise of APIs IT organizations are crafting more modern approaches to data protection.